The aim of this project was to develop a freely available public resource to address the current lack of career-based information for the floriculture industry and to encourage new entrants into the industry. This was achieved with the development of Careers in flowers and foliage: A guide to opportunities in the Australian flower and foliage industry, a resource which outlines the many benefits of working in the cut flower and foliage industry, highlights the educational opportunities that exist and guides readers to further information resources to allow them to locate possible training providers. Careers in flowers and foliage is an online resource, making it suitable and accessible to the target audience of school leavers, young people getting started on their career path or people looking for a career change. The resource includes an interface that is bright, modern, user-friendly and easy to navigate on the screen. There is also an option for the user to click a link to a printable PDF version of the document which is suitable for Acrobat Reader, or to view a ‘flip book’ version that is suitable for Flash media players. It includes basic information about the structure of the Australian cut flower and foliage industry and the types of products that are grown and sold. It features a number of career stories which profile successful people working in the industry, who share information about their job activities, career development and the reasons why they enjoy working in the industry.



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