The slogan, ‘Made in Australia’ has great support from the public, as there are many products that are no longer made or produced here. This is often due to cost and overseas competition. Most florists buy Australian-grown flowers and foliages, putting money back into Australians pockets. Florists are in a good position to promote ‘Australian Made’ and to make it a talking point. But at present, our industry does little to promote the concept.
It is healthy for an industry to embrace change. Some florists really dislike change, but we only need to look at the constant changes in marketing and product from many of our competitors. If you do not change methods to entice clients, the business will deteriorate rapidly. Consider ‘m-commerce’, as more users are making transactions on their mobile phones. There are more than 22 million mobile devices in Australia and research has shown that 40 per cent of smart phone users have made at least one purchase using their mobile phone. It is predicted that the phone will eventually replace credit cards. It is wise to appeal to buyers who may wish to buy either online or offline, for a successful balance of trade.

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