Thrips are small, slender insects. They have soft bodies ranging from 1-2mm. Adult thrips have two pairs of narrow wings fringed with long hairs. Immature thrips are pale yellow to white in colour. Adults can be pale to dark. Eggs are laid in leaves or petals. The larval stages and adults can be found in flowers and bulbs as well as on leaves. Host range Thrips feed on almost any flowering plant including capsicum, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and strawberry as well as pome and stone fruit and a very wide range of ornamentals. Thrips are sap suckers. They can physically damage plants causing malformations in new growth and bronzing and
scarring of leaves, flowers and fruits from their feeding.
Thrips prefer warm, dry conditions so they tend to be more active from spring through to autumn, though they can also be a winter problem in some greenhouses. 

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