The wildflower industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. Wildflowers are now cultivated in all states, and Australia’s annual wildflower production is around $46 million (farmgate). One of the key strategies for this industry to be successful, is the identification and on-going development of new fresh products. This project addresses this strategy. This publication reports on the responses of a new cut flower, Baeckea behrii or broombush baeckea, at a range of trial sites around Australia. These trials considered the local climatic conditions, soil types and management practices in the commercial performance of this plant. This report is important in determining suitable flower growing sites for this crop. This project is part of RIRDC’s Wildflower and Native Plants Program, which aims to improve the profitability, productivity and sustainability of the Australian wildflower and native plant industry.

Published December 1999

Download “Broombrush Baeckea Prospects for Cutflower Commercialisation” Broombrush_Baeckea_Prospects_for_Cutflower_Commercialisation.pdf – Downloaded 5 times – 370 KB

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