Any irrigation system, regardless of what type of system it is or how old it is, has the potential to slowly eat into your profits. One key reason is pumps that are not matched to the application system or to the required duty, use more energy when operated away from their best efficiency point. When this is the case, more often than not the application system will suffer from a lack of pressure and flow. All irrigation application systems have an optimum design pressure and flow to give best distribution uniformity (DU) and this can be compromised when pumps are not matched to the required duty.
The effects are high pumping cost, higher water use and lower yields due to low distribution uniformity. There will also be higher water losses due to the filtration system back flushing more often due to the increased volume of water being pumped and also higher losses of nutrients through poor distribution uniformity. This causes water quality problems that cost money to adjust and is detrimental to the environment. It accelerates the losses in profits when nutrients are injected into these irrigation systems.

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