Do you really know the running temperature of your cool room?
It is interesting to ask a florist what temperature their cool room or refrigerated display cabinet operates at. Many are unsure, yet if the temperature is too cold the flowers’ life span is severely affected.
In this article I will use the term ‘cool room’ referring to either a refrigerated display cabinet or a cool room. Some florists run cool rooms at considerable cost to the business when their incorrect use is actually damaging the lifespan of their stock. A strong turnover of cut flowers can negate the need for a cool room at all.
A good florist will know exactly what temperature the cool room should be set to, depending on the flowers they place into it.
Generally a cool room is set at six to eight degrees Celsius. Two to four degrees Celsius is too cold for most flowers as they will ‘shock’ when removed from the cool room. Australia’s largest rose grower operates their cool room for roses at 7 degrees Celsius.

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