This project aimed to identify strategies to improve the domestic market share for wildflowers, by determining the current flower and wildflower buying patterns. While there have been a number of reports on the export market for wildflowers, there has been little research on the state of the domestic market. As one of the main industry groups, the Australian Flora and Protea Growers Association felt that the industry needed an insight into the current perceptions which consumers have about wildflowers. Market research was commissioned to analyse the attitudes to wildflowers of both florists and the general public in Sydney. This city was seen to be appropriate because it has a thriving flower market, and a large proportion of the population has disposable income to spend. Florists in Melbourne were also interviewed, because it was felt that they may not have as much exposure to wildflowers as those in Sydney, where local indigenous species are commonly used. The research identifies a number of perceptions held by consumers, and suggests strategies which should, when implemented, result in an increased market share for wildflowers.

Published May 2000

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