With the increasing proliferation of ‘new’ rural industries on the Australian landscape comes an ever increasing demand for research. There is a limit to government’s ability to meet this need and alternatives to the traditional institutional responsibility in meeting this demand needs to be evaluated. The Do Our Own Research (DOOR) concept of much greater grower involvement and responsibility in the conduct of research was initiated, developed and evaluated in the Australian Nursery Industry. The program included workshopping as well as on the job training (action learning) for a group of growers and consultants in the conduct of research specific to the particular grower’s needs. The concept has been adopted by the industry’s peak body (NIAA) as a useful way to fine-tune new technology that is directly applicable to grower specific needs. This publication reports on an evaluation of the DOOR process in the Australian wildflower and native plants industry with pilot assessments being conducted in Queensland and Western Australia.

Published July 2000

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