It seems some sort of poetic justice to use the extract from pyrethrum flowers to control insect and mite pests wanting to damage your flower crop.
Natural pyrethrum has been used for centuries as an insecticide simply because it works. It fell out of favour for a while due to supply difficulties which raised prices, but that is well in the past.
Commercial cut flower producers as well as fruit and vegetable growers are choosing it again for some very good commercial reasons including price.
It’s soft on the human workforce; you can’t build up to chronic poisoning symptoms because it is metabolised so quickly by mammals. You can re-enter the crop as soon as the spraying is complete and there is only a 1-day withholding period. Nonsystemic residues are a bit over rated anyway; insects go to the new shoots and buds and usually ignore leaves that are more than a couple of days old whether there’s an insecticidal residue on them or not.

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