Flower retailing is in a state of flux right now, here in Australia. It’s an exciting time!
Each florist I talk to is trying to find their place in the market, their little patch of retail land.
Trying to establish a name for themselves, or just secure a living.
It leads to some interesting questions. What do you think?
Should a florist – a creative person, a designer – encourage their customers and show them what good stylish flower design is? They are the expert after all. Should they incorporate the latest techniques, demonstrate their skills, offer enticing new varieties and unusual colours?
Or should a florist make and sell what their customers ask for, knowing there’s a market for it? Stick to the tried and tested, the bread-and-butter, regardless of their personal taste?
I guess that depends on whether they want to be a chef, or a cook.
Which do you want to be?

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