Toolbox for Greenhouse Construction and Safe Operation – Fact Sheet 1

The toolbox provides a central information hub for growers. Growers can use this toolbox to find information based on a particular farm activity or issue including:
1. Getting the basics right
2. Overview of proposed changes to the 2019 National Construction Code
3. Local government approval processes
4. Fire prevention and safety
5. Working at heights and risk management
6. General design considerations
7. Wind loads  (this fact sheet)
8. Resistance of materials
9. Access and egress
10. Construction of exits
11. Fire (access and egress)
12. Cladding and membrane light diffusion
13. General disaster control.

Download “Fact sheet 7 - Wind loads and greenhosues” 7_Factsheet_Wind-loads_Final_July2017.pdf – Downloaded 7 times – 2 MB

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