So you think headshots are just for the rich and famous? Well in today’s business environment, don’t we all need to be a bit of a celebrity? People love putting a face to a name, and a good headshot makes that so much easier. A quality, high-resolution image can be used as a profile image on social media, in the ‘About our shop’ section of your website, or in advertising materials if you deliver workshops or presentations.
Look at your profile picture on LinkedIn or Facebook. What does it say about you? If it says, ‘selfie on a camera phone at ten in the morning after I had ran around at the markets’, then perhaps you need to update your image. A good headshot or profile picture directly links you and your business and it is imperative that you have good connection in your images. You are your business and your business is you! So out with those blurry profile pictures that you haven’t updated in years, and in with an effective representation of yourself as the head of your professional business.

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