There is currently much concern in the industry regarding flower shipment rejections by the USA due to insect contaminations, with particular reference to thryptomene and waxflower from Australia. A workshop was held to determine strategies to reduce United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) interceptions of flowers exported from Australia, predominantly for thryptomene and waxflower.
Through the development and implementation of an Integrated Pest Management program, the number of insect interceptions and corresponding shipment rejections is expected to decrease. Increased confidence of USDA in the quality of Australian flowers will reduce the rigorous scrutiny to which they are subjected, and export market access to USA of these and other Australian flowers will improve.

Download “Improved Export Market Access for Australian Wildflowers through Integrated Pest Management” 09-150-Improved-Export-Market-Access-for-Australian.pdf – Downloaded 3 times – 385 KB

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