For a management program, whether it is traditional or an IPM approach using Biological Control Agents (BCAs), scouting and monitoring is the key to success. Especially for an IPM approach in gerbera, it is important to have a good program set up before releasing any BCAs into the greenhouse. Gerbera plants are susceptible to many pest problems, so a system approach is required to achieve a successful IPM / Bio- control program in this crop. Early detection of pests often means lower pest levels, which means it is easier to establish a balance at a low level, which is the goal of a successful program.

Excellent monitoring tools are yellow sticky cards for flying pest problems such as whitefly, leafminer and thrips. A minimum of 25 sticky cards per hectare provides sufficient information about pest levels and population dynamics in your greenhouse. Note that it is important to check and count insects on the sticky cards regularly to make this information valuable. 

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