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Wildflowers are cultivated in all States, and Australia’s annual wildflower production is valued at around $45 million at the farm gate, and the value of exports amounted to just under $30 million in 1999/2000. The key commercial wildflowers are geraldton wax, kangaroo paw, Thryptomene, and species of Banksia, Telopea, Leucadendron and Protea, but a key factor in the growth of this industry is the development of new products.

Leptospermum (tea-tree) is a diverse group of plants, and contains some highly attractive forms that are considered to be a valuable ornamental crop. The group has been limited in its use as a cut
flower due to postharvest problems of some cultivars. Other cultivars have a good vase life and there is a strong interest in Leptospermum in export markets.

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