In October last year I was fortunate enough to find myself boarding a flight to the Netherlands to attend the 7th International Symposium on Light in Horticultural Systems (a special thankyou to FAQI for providing financial assistance for me to attend). In 2012 the conference was held at the University of Wageningen, which specialises in plant science studies. As an environmental research scientist I was more than impressed with the facilities and eager to learn about the latest research.
The conference was attended by more than 260 participants from 33 countries and provided key insights into how plants are grown in all corners of the globe. This included the latest research being conducted in labs, glasshouses, greenhouses and in the field, in a sophisticated attempt to achieve successful and sustainable light solutions for more effective crop production. 

Download “AFI-Iss39-Lessons-from-the-Netherlands-Optimising-light-in-horticultural-production-systems.pdf” AFI-Iss39-Lessons-from-the-Netherlands-Optimising-light-in-horticultural-production-systems.pdf – Downloaded 52 times – 250 KB

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