New Ginger ‘Darzing’ Varieties

Information sheets describes six ‘Darzing’ varieties are new ginger cut-flowers bred and developed by the Northern Territory Government, in partnership with the local cut-flower industry. These new ginger varieties has been selected by industry based on important commercial traits such as earlier flowering, improved hybrid vigour and yield, bigger flower size and unique form and colour.

  1. ‘Darzing Blaze’
  2. ‘Darzing Dawn’
  3. ‘Darzing Chocolate Delight’
  4. ‘Darzing Pinelime’
  5. ‘Darzing Golden Glory’
  6. ‘Darzing Sunset’

Download “NT New Ginger ‘Darzing' Varieties” NT-New-Ginger-‘Darzing’-Varieties.pdf – Downloaded 9 times – 358 KB

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