There are few industries that could be more sensitive to changes in our natural environment – and the need to protect it – than the flower industry. While a bouquet of flowers is a reminder to us of the beauty in the world, it is also a reminder of just how fragile the world is. And when you rely on nature for your livelihood as the flower industry does, it makes it even more important that we protect the world.
As part of retailers’ contribution to environmental sustainability in business, the National Retail Association (NRA) has recently launched our Retail Buys the Future energy efficiency program for businesses. This program gives businesses expert tips on cutting operating costs through reducing their carbon footprint.
Industries which rely heavily on refrigeration and lighting are highly exposed to rising power costs. Reducing consumption can not only help the environment, it can also help save you money. But often the path to making those reductions is confusing. Retail Buys the Future provides low-to-no cost solutions that you can easily implement in your business today.

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