In November 1999, the Australian Flora and Protea Growers Association, with support from RIRDC, commissioned research into the domestic market for wildflowers. That project (AFP-1A) aimed to find out consumers’ attitudes to wildflowers, and, based on that information, to identify strategies that would increase the market share for wildflowers. (Domestic Market Analysis for Wildflowers – RIRDC Publication No. 00/42). It became obvious that for these strategies to be successful, wide industry support would be required for their implementation. The aim of this new project was to share the market research information, to gain the required industry support, and to plan implementation of the identified strategies. This report records the discussions which took place at the workshop, and gives industry a blueprint for development of integrated marketing strategies.
This project was funded under the Wildflowers and Native Plants Program from RIRDC Core Funds which are provided by the Federal Government. This report, a new addition to RIRDC’s diverse range of over 500 research publications, forms part of our Wildflowers and Native Plants R&D program, which aims to improve the profitability, productivity and sustainability of the Australian wildflower and native plant industry.

Download “RIRDC Wildflower marketing workshop” RIRDC_Wildflower_marketing_workshop.pdf – Downloaded 9 times – 65 KB

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