Like any other marketing platform, social channels require an investment in time, finances and effort. A social post may take minutes to upload but the content creation and the plan behind it can take days/weeks to prepare for.

If you want to get the most out of your ad spend, you’ll need a plan in place to:

  •  set goals for social media activities,
  • identify what success looks like and how you’ll measure it,
  • determine what resources you’ll need to implement your strategy,
  • define the audience you want to target,
  • set your advertising budget.

This guide will help you plan your social media activity for your business but it is only one step to success. To generate the most return on your advertising spend, you’ll also need a strategy and engaging creative. Use this guide to map out what success looks like, how much you can invest financially and whether you have resources to execute your plan.

Download “Netregistry Social Media Plan Template” Netregistry-Social-Media-Plan-Template1.docx – Downloaded 14 times – 265 KB

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