No, really. Let’s talk about this. Why do we need flowers in our lives?
We’ve survived the mayhem that is Mother’s Day, one of our peak days for sales as a global industry. Everyone is familar with the Chrysanthemum, the symbol for Mother’s Day and of course, the long-stem red rose symbol for Valentine’s Day. The red rose is love. Isn’t it?
It could just as easily be ‘cute bear holding a heart’ or ‘candlelit dinner for two’. Adrenalin, Passion, and Baccara fight a battle for dollars against fake fur and passionfruit mousse.
Say the romantic rose works. You’re in a relationship. And there you are, in your new suit/white frock, pledging undying love at your wedding. Do fresh flowers garland doorways and festoon tables? Did a professional make your buttonholes and bonbonnieres? Or have you plumped for the everlasting option – a crystal bouquet, lolly tablecentres, balloon arch? 

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